What to Expect After an O-Shot Procedure

The O-Shot can effect many parts of the Female Orgasmic System.  The Female Orgasmic System involves tissues and organs all over the body.  These include the brain, the sacral parasympathetic nervous system, the pituitary gland, sex hormones like testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Prolactin and progesterone; urethra, clitoris and vagina.  The Female Orgasmic System is complex and is interconnected.  The O-Shot activates the clitoris, vagina and urethra. 

I am going to cover only four aspect of the Female Orgasmic System as to what one can expect after the O-Shot. 

 Female Orgasm.  “Blood flow to the vagina supports arousal and orgasm.” (Activate the Female Orgasm System, C. Runels, p. 39)

The O-Shot improves blood flow to the clitoris, vagina and urethra due to the growth factors in the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that is injected into those sites.  Orgasm is thus improved.

  •  Urinary Incontinence.  When the O-Shot is injected into the suburethral area, incontinence improves.  If there are no serious structural problems in the bladder neck, there is a 90% chance the the O-Shot will work.  (Activate the Female Orgasmic System, C. Runels, p. 97)
  • Decreased Libido (Decreased Sex Drive).  Decreased Libido is related hormonal imbalance.  Hormones should be checked prior to the O-Shot procedure.  After hormone levels are corrected, the O-Shot should be given.  By treating with the hormones first, the O-Shot is much more likely to be successful at increasing libido.
  • Dyspareunia.  There are multiple causes of dyspareunia (painful sex). 

These may include ovarian, uterine, vaginal scarring (post delivery or trauma) or vulvar inflammation.  Dyspareunia is a difficult problem and any known causes should be addressed before trying the O-Shot.   There may be much improvement of dyspareunia with hormone replacement, especially in postmenopausal women.  The O-Shot should be tried after all the above factors have been addressed.

The O-Shot follows the Rule of Threes

  •             3 Days- the PRP is gone (3-14 days)
  •             3 Weeks- the effects of new cell growth starts (3 -6 weeks)
  •             3 Months- full effect of the procedure and new cell growth (2-4 months)

 Three Days.  For the first three days after the O-Shot, not much happens noticeably in most clients.  Some may feel various sensations from increased blood flow to the injected area, the release of cytokines and growth factors from the PRP.  Others may feel dysuria, urinary frequency, hypersexuality, decreased sexuality.  All of these are due to the fact that there is swelling and possibly small hematoma that diminishes sensation.  None of these effects are permanent. 

Three weeks.  At about 3 weeks, there is new blood flow and new tissue growth due to the growth factors released from the PRP. 

Three Months.  At three months, the full benefit of the PRP is evident.  About 65% of those who get the O-Shot “Just love it”.  The first round and 85% of them love it after the second round.  These numbers show that there are complexities with some patients who have dyspareunia, incontinence,  lichen sclerosus or lack of any orgasm in their life.


The O-Shot addresses many issues in the Female Orgasmic System.  I have addressed only four of those issues here.  The results profile depends on what problem is being addressed.  Many women are benefitting from the O-Shot.

            If you have any of those issues learn more at: https://omanibeautyandwellness.com/the-o-shot/ or call us at 925 732-3838.

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